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The most comprehensive NPK soil moisture probe ever created!

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TCP Ag Research Co. is a precision agriculture company with a full staff of soil scientists and engineers from elite technological universities dedicated to helping agronomists and farmers monitor & manage soil health in numerous row crops and livestock farmland. The TCP Ag Research team is the retailer for Teralytic who has developed the first ever Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium (NPK) in ground probe for the industry, at an astounding 98% accuracy. This probe will forever change the way farmers measure the health of soil.


As a research company, our primary focus is accountability and transparency and preserving the food sources around the globe today.  We believe soil health is critical to crop yield and food safety, and our platform can help reduce crop input, build regenerative practices, and maximize profit.


Our technology addresses soil issues for the entire farm and utilizes best-in-class metrics that analyze hundreds of data points to summarize what you need to know about soil health.



Active Probe and Analytics TCP Ag Research

Active Probe and Analytics TCP Ag Research

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Terascore is our best-in-class metric that analyzes hundreds of data points from your farm, and industry statistics to summarize what you need to know about your soil's health. 

Terascore is crop and soil type specific, so it is entirely customized based on the unique profile of your farm. 

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Drill down from your overall farm to individual fields, and even probes, for detailed microclimate data and more.

In a hurry? No problem. Our color-coded system makes it easy to get a sense of what's happening without needing to dig in too deep.

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Our sensors report every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, giving you the best opportunity to spot issues as they crop up.

Our automated warning system ensures you don't miss emergency alerts.

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Our work
Carbon Monitoring

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Carbon monitoring as part of greenhouse gas monitoring refers to tracking how much carbon dioxide or methane is produced by activity at a particular point in time. For example, it may refer to tracking methane emissions from agriculture, or carbon dioxide emissions from land-use changes, such as deforestation, or from burning fossil fuels, whether in a power plant, automobile, or other devices. Because carbon dioxide is the greenhouse gas emitted in the largest quantities, and methane is an even more potent greenhouse gas, monitoring carbon emissions is widely seen as crucial to any effort to reduce emissions and thereby slow climate change. Monitoring carbon emissions is key to the cap-and-trade program currently being used in Europe, as well as the one in California, and will be necessary for any such program in the future. The lack of reliable sources of consistent data on carbon emissions is a significant barrier to efforts to reduce emissions.

We recognize there is a lack of devices to provide consistent data in real-time. Therefore, our NPK soil moisture probes detect, monitor, and report all soil and atmospheric carbon which has driven extreme interest from energy and mining companies from around the globe. Our probe assists clients and verifiers in buying Carbon Offsets to Support Emissions Reductions.

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